Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  My outlet or wall switch feels hot to the touch. Is that OK?

A: No. The hot outlet or switch may be caused by a power overload, weak contacts inside the device or a loose wire connection. Consider having an electrical contractor update all the switches and outlets throughout your home.

Q:  Why are my lights flickering on and off?

A: The most common reason for flickering fixtures would be a loose connection some where in the wiring system. The bad connection can also be within the main power connection on the outside of your home or building, inside the electric panel or in the wiring circuitry. Ignoring the problem could cause a power outage, blown bulb or life safety issues such as an electrical fire. If you are experiencing flickering lights do not hesitate and call a professional licensed electrician for some electrical service!

Q:  Why does my kitchen circuit breaker keep tripping?

A: Most of the time this is due to overloading the circuits due to multiple heating and cooking appliances being used at the same time. A short in the kitchen outlet wiring or one of the appliances may also be the problem. To avoid overloading a circuit, use separate outlets for your kitchen appliances. If you reset your circuit breaker and it trips again, we recommend you call an electrician for repairs. It may be necessary to install an additional circuit and/or outlets in your kitchen to fit your cooking habits.

Q:  Why is the power out in only half of my home?

A: Two of the more common causes are that the electric power company’s electrical line to your property is experiencing issues or there is a a breaker malfunction. Contact your local electrician for more information to evaluate the seriousness of the issue you are experiencing.

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